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Organized Designer Handbags

We are enraptured by the sense and styles that the actresses all wear. A designer bag can make or break an outfit; the bag is just as important as any other accessory you put on your body. Just watch any celebrity on the T.V screen you can see most reporters will talk about whose designer bag are they sporting. But whether we want to admit it or not designer bags are the one of the most expensive item you can purchase. We are just like any other person out there as we like to watch which celebrity is sporting the newest designer bag trend or style. Of course, we too, would like to own one ourselves. The question is which bags are celebrities are buying and wearing now and days? Here are a a few of the brands some of the celebrities are wearing this season or buying.

Prada Argilla Grey Leather Hobo HandbagPrada Women’s Argilla Grey Leather and Silver Tone Large Hobo Handbag

Prada Gauffre Antik handbag Designed by Prada, its popular amongst such celebrities as Ashley Simpson, Beyonce and Victoria Beckham. The Gauffre Antik bag is richly trimmed, with lots of room to insert items for day and travel.

Yves Saint Laurent Muse handbag This little number is in the consent pages of glamor mags. Youll find celeb’s like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba sporting the bag. This bag is roomy and sturdy with its heavy stitching.

The Balenciaga Boston Handbag Elegance with well blended color schemes. It dons the shoulders of Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz and Anna Kournikova. The boston handbag has rich tones and top not stitching.

Jimmy Choo Mahala handbag This bag hits top score with the likes of celebs such as Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and Eva Mandes. Easy to tote with zippers galore, this bag is quite the style icon in its own right.

Christian Dior Gaucho handbag – This nifty little handbag sports details that accent the bag perfectly. Celebs such as Jessica Alba, Ashley Olsen, Kate moss, and Keria Knightly enjoy its extra features like a cell phone holder. It comes with many pockets so you can stuff your heart out. Plus it comes in many styles and colors to boot too.

These are just a few of what the celebrities are wearing over their shoulders. You can still sport a designer bag but you just have to shop around for the best affordable price in the store.